Short-film work by Joaquim Barreto

The Dual

A photography and film project commissioned by

Pierrie Gaurradi in 2011.

Photographer/Director: Joaquim Barreto

Models: Anita Irbe, Victoria

Cinematographer: Samuel Pearce

Assistants: Judit Martínez , Dorota Mulczyńska

Stylist: Magdalena Marciniak

Music: Rob Oldham

Imagination 1


In this scene, Red is the physical manifestation of the emotional, feelings and thoughts of White. Spatial positioning within a two dimensional medium such as a photograph or a film is what we are exploring in this scene. For this scene we need the dresses with most volume. I want the Red to be at the front of White and exaggerate and emotion that White is portraying. White is showing signs of positive emotions, thoughts or feelings

Imagination 2


The opposite of Imagination 1 but this time White is showing negative signs. Red is angry and in a concave mode and white is scared. Both with their backs towards the camera.



In this scene, Red physical holds the weight of something physical that is not physical but White thinks it is. The shot will be with White curled up on the ground leaning against the church wall with Red standing above in a concave fashion.



White is doing something quite clever to help Red. In terms of poses, I want the models to imitate the painting of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. White will be looking quite intensively at Red.



White has died and Red is jumping into the darkness, the unknown. The next to scenes about one not being able to live without the other. the inspiration for this photograph is Guy Bourdin (my favourite photographer) attached above.

Missed Opportunity


Red is dead and White is standing still when imminent danger is afoot. The theme of this scene is the same as the one above. It would be nice to show in this photograph some sort of white vomit coming out of Red as in the previous Scene, when White is dead, there is blood.

The Dual

A photography and film project commissioned by

Pierrie Gaurradi in 2011.